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Family Man

Family Man - Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton Tender romance between Italian American Vinnie who has just realised he's gay, and hard-working student Trey, whose mother is a chronic alcoholic. The romance competes with the subplot of Trey's relationship with his mother. The addict/child dynamic is written quite well, although ultimately unrealistically as the book cuts corners when it rushes to tie things up in a too-short format. Why would Vinnie's young female cousin move in with Trey's alcoholic mother without remuneration to look after her full time? It just wouldn't happen. Why is it not ok for Trey to be in that situation, but ok to put a teenage girl in the carer's role just because she wants to be a nurse? If Vinnie's family were so protective of women why would they let her live in that toxic home and work for no pay? But I always struggle with the vapid portrayal of nurses in fiction. The alternating POV's were an effective way of getting across both man's struggle. The sex scenes are nice and the Italian family-vibe was appealing.Finally it's a sweet story but the authors' attempt for realism in the alcoholism storyline just highlights the unrealistic super-romantic style of the rest of the story. The book details say it's 268 pages long but it seems much shorter than that looking at how quickly I finished reading it and the short space it takes up on my kindle.