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Slam! - J.L. Merrow Really funny story with my favourite kind of MC. Jude is 22 (although he looks like a teenager), part Japanese, wears eyeliner, writes poetry, plays the violin and talks a mile-a-minute. He's taking a year off after finishing Uni to get over a broken heart and to decide what he wants to do with his life. He lives with his very cool Mum and has a ferociously loyal best friend, Keisha. He's been eyeing the leader of the local karate club (David) as the group jog past his cafe every afternoon. Then one day Jude is attacked and David comes to his rescue.I was laughing out loud all the way through this book. I love Jude so much. He's so out and PROUD and in-your-face! I don't think I've met a romantic hero (or heroine) who wore their heart on their sleeve as openly as Jude. He tries so hard. I felt really protective of him because he was so extroverted but I, the reader, could see his vulnerabilities. I didn't miss David's POV at all because I could understand completely why he fell for Jude. The secondary characters are all a lot of fun.The book is made up mostly of very funny rapid-paced dialogue. But there is a good balance with the more serious issues that Jude, his Mum and his friend face. It's written in British English and has quite a strong regional slang on top of that, innit! I loved every word of it but if you only like American English you might not appreciate it as much.My only gripe was that it ended fairly abruptly. One minute David was being all asshole-y, the next minute Jude had forgiven him with no real grovelling on David's part. I hate it when that happens. I'm the sort of reader that really needs the hero to stand up for himself and make the wrong-doer work hard to get him back. But it's still a HEA and I enjoyed the rest of the book so much that I can give it 4 stars. It's the kind of book that I will enjoy rereading because I know I'll get a lot more out of it the second time around.P.S. I could have done with another sex scene at the end. Particularly with Jude wearing that skirt of Keisha's! Maybe the author could do a little Christmas short story starring Jude and David and some exotic piece of clothing under the Xmas tree! hint, hint!