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The Heir Apparent

The Heir Apparent - Tere Michaels Great romance between Henry, the heir of a big company, and his lifelong friend and chauffeur Archie. I loved the dynamic and the history between Henry and Archie. Archie is about to leave after years of service now that he has paid the debts of his father and finished his external studies. The tension between them at their upcoming separation and Henry's inability to be honest about their relationship are played out against an interesting kidnapping/family tragedy plot. The only small negative for me was the transparency of the bad guy. It was hard to believe Archie and Henry couldn't see who it was. But it didn't worry me that much because I was so involved with the MC's. The sex scenes are very erotic but at the same time restrained. Just perfect! I really appreciated the way the author wrote the relationship between Henry and his father. It avoided the usual one dimensional formulaic father/son thing. Their love was flawed but not terrible.