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What You See Isn't Always What You Get

What You See Isn't Always What You Get - Faith Ashlin Gah! I wrote a really long review and I lost it. So I'm just writing a quick crummy one. :(2.75 stars. This book starts off weakly and gets better in the second half. The themes change midway. Initially we have former freedom fighter Richard needing to move on after the death a few years previously of his partner (ex-sex slave and fellow fighter Grady). He needs someone to teach him about sex because he feels he has to make a political 'marriage' but Grady's history meant they never had much of a physical relationship. So he makes a deal with a newly freed slave Denny to teach him about sex in return for money and a roof over his head. This set up was unappealing and hard to believe. I thought Richard's actions seemed morally ambiguous for a supposed freedom fighter.But the second half of the book improves with an horrific event that pushes Richard over the edge and Denny has to save him. The themes of loss and suicide take precedence over the 'teach me how to have sex' storyline and I suddenly started to believe in Denny and Richard as a couple.The setting is confusing. Some references make me think it's supposed to be a contemporary alternate Earth, others make me think it's an historic fantasy setting on another world. It bugged me right through the book not having a time and place to put these characters.So I found the book awkward and uneven but there were some good points and I think the author has potential. I will check out her next release.