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The Good Boy

The Good Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock D/s story about a shy naive young man whose parents commit securities fraud and leave him to take the rap. He is taken in by an older man who also lost money in the scam but for whom Lane's desperation and vulnerability appeal to his dominant protective heart.Although I've loved other books by these authors this one was not so much for me. The kink was done in a remedial manner and I'm always ambivalent about BDSM novels where kink is portrayed as a curative element. At one stage about halfway through the novel I felt like I was being given a friendly lecture by the authors. It reminded me of those 'Informed Consent' documents we go over with patients before a procedure. Everything is explained and all the possible complications outlined before they sign on the dotted line. And it was the same here. All the aspects of their growing D/s feelings and actions were explained carefully and repeated over and over to the detriment of the more romantic and spontaneous elements. I enjoy BDSM when it's portrayed as a hot, inevitable part of a steamy sexual relationship but this book just felt like a big therapy session to me. The characters were interesting but not really developed beyond their various needs for a D/s relationship. The metaphor of the abandoned dogs home, Lane's 'lost puppy' persona, and the puppy play kink was sweet but on the other hand it was way too obvious. I didn't enjoy all the flashbacks to Lane's time with his abuser but that's just personal taste. The secondary characters were nice. Especially Brin who injected a welcome dose of comic relief in what is overall a fairly sad story. I think this book will suit lots of readers but it just wasn't to my taste.