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Shy - John Inman I really enjoyed this funny sexy story of two very shy guys falling in love and coping with life's twists and turns. The story is told in the first person POV of Tom, a prissy, snarky banker who suffers from SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) and OCD. His ex (Jerry) left him for a real bastard (Stanley) who takes delight in putting Tom into socially difficult situations. When the book starts Stanley is foisting his own brother (Frank, straight off the farm and also extremely shy) off onto Tom. Tom and Frank have the last laugh cause they're made for each other and the first 30% of the book is about them falling in love and living in the city together. But tragedy forces Frank back to the farm and Tom goes with him on a temporary basis. Much hilarity ensues in an [b:All Creatures Great and Small|32085|All Creatures Great and Small|James Herriot|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311994099s/32085.jpg|2247074] way as Tom learns to adjust to rural life. The sex scenes are EXCELLENT and the snarky tone gentles as the guys move to the country and their shyness and insecurities melt away. The humour never lets up and I LOL'd plenty at Tom's funny asides and antics. The ending is blackly funny! I have often wanted a book to continue on after the HEA because I wanted to know how the MC's learned to live together and create their home. And this book certainly delivers on that front.