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Lovers Entwined

Lovers Entwined - Lillian Francis I'm not usually attracted to stories that have flashbacks to past times or alternate a modern setting with an historical one but this book is an exception. Trey's relationship with his politically-driven and social-climbing girlfriend (Paige) is becoming increasingly harder for him to live with. He is irate when, to prevent any embarrassment to her politician father, she organises an investigation into Trey's family history by Ewan Matthews, a leading Boston genealogist. But the men are strangely drawn to each other and their pasts are surprisingly intertwined. Trey doesn't come across well at first. His passive behaviour when faced with his girlfriend's pushiness makes him seem quite spineless. Fortunately we don't see much of the girlfriend and there are no m/f scenes to distract us from the main romance. For most of the book Trey and Ewan are dancing around their attraction and there's lots of lovely UST. But their story is interspersed with brief memories or dreams of the star-crossed love stories of their past incarnations. There are about 3 or 4 past couples but the main one and the most poignant are the WWI soldiers Tristan and Owen. Their story is quite a tearjerker so have some tissues handy.Trey's grandfather is a lovable link between these past figures and the Trey and Ewan of today, although I found his promotion of their relationship and his modern language a little unrealistic. Trey's relationship with his deceased father was not explained sufficiently for me. It was the catalyst that made him choose Paige in the first place so I wanted more of an explanation as to what made Trey behave the way he did. Paige is one of those OTT harridan type females that you find in m/m romance but thankfully she's not around too much so I could put up with the annoying stereotype.What's really good about this novel is Trey's and Ewan's journey towards each other and the very, very touching and well written flashbacks to their ancestors. I was impressed that the author was able to weave these stories so well into one narrative. If you feel like clearing your sinuses with a good cry followed by a sweet HEA I'd rate this one 4 hankies!