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Taming the Bander

Taming the Bander - Summer Devon 2013 has been the year of m/m shifter novels for me so far. Authors have been doing a great job of taking the genre in new and exciting directions and this is another one to add to the list. Vaughan, a fickle and fun loving trust fund baby, loses all his money overnight when his financial manager takes off with his and his cousin Maya's money. He gets a job at a local animal sanctuary run by reclusive and cranky shifter Jake.Plenty of chemistry between these two MC's. None of the often irritating mate/mine dialogue. The first half of the book is really strong but it loses a little steam in the second half as the plot becomes slightly less believable and rushes towards a climax. I would have liked the author to take more time explaining the actions of all the characters in this novel. Vaughan's friend Danika felt totally extraneous to the story. I was confused as to why she was even in there. Maybe to counterbalance the other female character's bad points? The cousin Maya is as morally reprehensible as her departed husband Dave, and I was annoyed for a while at Jake and Vaughan's passive acceptance of her machinations. But seeing that Vaughan had not forgiven her in the end satisfied me.Those who are acquainted with Samhain Publishing will be pleasantly surprised to see that this novel doesn't end until 93% on my kindle!I can't remember seeing that term 'bander' used before to describe shifters. Is it a word the author has made up?