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Black Hawk Tattoo

Black Hawk Tattoo - Aundrea Singer Quite a good example of the hurt/comfort theme in m/m romance. Irag war vet Jake turns up at artist Gabe's tattoo shop with an unusual request. I thought the characters were well drawn. Very natural and the sort of guys you could know IRL. I liked the setting (Canada) and the tattoo shop and all the extra details the author included which added a richness to the text. The secondary characters were also appealing and real. Especially Jake's sister. I often have trouble with the superficial portrayal of PTSD in romance novels but it's quite well handled here. The romance is good but fairly low key. The main emphasis of the story is Jakes struggle with mental illness and how it affects Gabe and Jake's family.Very good first novel and I'll definitely check out other stories by this new author.