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Horn Gate

Horn Gate - Damon Suede I think it was lucky that I read the author's post over at Jessewave explaining the set up of the forthcoming contemporary story (Bad Idea) and the spin-off comic book style story of a sex demon called Scratch. Here's an excerpt:"The “Itch” series will be about a series of ambitious artists wrestling with prejudices and sexuality, both their own and the public’s, as they bring this NC-17 incubus to life in mass-market media: comics, videogames, movies, and beyond. And as the embedded story, the “Scratch” series relates the ongoing adventures of my demon and his mortal lover as they use magic and seduction to investigate occult crimes and explore a relationship that bridges morality and mortality. My boyfriend calls it “Scooby Doo with boners.”It all sounds like Reading Heaven to me!! This short story about how Scratch and Isaac (Itchy) meet is like a teaser or a taste of the stories to come. It's not altogether easy to follow due the (deliberately??) esoteric world building which is based on mythology from the Jewish faith. At the end of the story I was not really sure where Scratch and Isaac ended up although I think it is a version of Hell (not the bad kind we know). I also see it as a HEA although I'm not really sure what Isaac became or what his role would be. Is he still human? I think so. How can he survive in Scratch's world?It's quite sensuous although there aren't any sex scenes as you would normally know them in an m/m romance. But having said that I'm sure there will be in future instalments. I loved the bad guys! The Judge (Pyre) and the curiously, kinkily sexy bar tender Hole.In any case I'm totally on board for what's to come in both of these stories and I'm actually looking forward to it more than the Hot Head series. I would have to say that the 4 star rating probably reflects my excitement about the series more than my enjoyment of this particular story which may have been closer to 3 stars if it was a standalone.P.S. The whole Itchy and Scratchy reference made me smile. The cover is gorgeous and the price (99c) is even more appealing.