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Acclamation - Vee Hoffman Unusual and very long story about a 28 year old teacher, Michael, who moves to a small town after the death of his partner a couple of years earlier. He falls deeply in love with his 18 year old student Dominic and his feelings are reciprocated.This is written in Michael's 1st person POV and is an intense look at the relationship that forms between the two young men. Both of them are so noble and self-sacrificing that the teacher/student dynamic is not remotely sleazy and instead comes across as a beautiful and inevitable love.The pace is CRAWLING! And it's like the two of them live in a bubble where outside events rarely intrude. Michael's musings, agonizings, and eulogizing about Dominic and how wonderful he is, are addictive and frustrating at the same time. I had to skim a page or two here and there where he was going on too much. But I couldn't stop reading and will definitely pick up book 2 because this one ends at a pivotal point in their affair.On the downside I found Michael's character to be inconsistent. At times he acted too much like a fussy old person and at others he was portrayed as young and hip and sexy. I preferred the young and hip version not only because I found it more believable that Dominic would fall for him but also because that version of his personality was more interesting to me. This book is definitely not for everyone. I actually have a bit of a headache since I finished reading, it was such an intense experience! lol