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Blindside (Blind Faith, #3)

Blindside - N.R. Walker 3.75 stars. The first 1/4 of this book was very repetitive and I felt like I was being unrelentingly banged over the head with the fact that Will loved Mark and Mark (his best friend and inveterate man-whore) didn't know it. I was speed reading just to get through it. But then some more characters and a gentle plot was introduced and I settled into the story with a lot more enjoyment. Mark's gradual realisation makes up the whole story and they only get together towards the end. There are some really funny bits. Mark's mum and his episode of 'cardiomyopathy' were stand-outs. Carter and Isaac provided the counselling and support to the lovelorn couple and their wedding at the end brought everyone to tears including me! Very romantic.