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Birds of a Feather (Bellingham Mysteries)

Birds of a Feather (Bellingham Mysteries) - Nicole Kimberling This is one of my favourite mystery series but I was disappointed with this entry. It was great to see plucky reporter Peter and his reserved artist boyfriend Nick again although the connection between them was not as emotional this time. Strange considering this was supposed to be about their wedding. Nick's dad was a hoot as were the other parental units. I didn't feel like a lot of effort was put into the mystery plot. It was not really a mystery, just two separate occurrences that were briefly resolved at the end. The motivations of the bad guy were not believable or credible. All of Peter's information was just handed to him by the local misfit kid who took up a lot of page space for a secondary character. I suspect if there is another book in the series this kid might be taken in by the guys. And the vows! Really!?!! Very poor showing.:(