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Threshold (Whyborne & Griffin, #2)

Threshold - Jordan L. Hawk I enjoyed Threshold even more than Widdershins. The two protagonists, socially inept and shy professor of Philology Percival Whyborne and his rough and ready private detective lover Griffin, are a great couple. In this book their relationship is threatened by an old friend of Griffin's and I really felt their anguish as misunderstandings fractured their trust in the other. I adore Dr Christine Putnam, their feminist, learned, feisty sidekick. Big kudos for creating such a brilliant female character in m/m.The paranormal mystery is creative, well-plotted and exciting. There are lots of minor secondary characters that we meet in Threshold and I was really drawn into their lives and it was sad when so many of the good guys were lost. I really hope there are more instalments in this series because I think the issue Percy faces with his growing reliance on magic is a great basis for a story. I would also LOVE to see the three of them travel to Egypt to fight some menace on foreign soil. (Maybe even a MUMMY! lol)I think Percy's response to that exotic and unclean environment would be priceless!! I want to know more about Griffin and his background. This is all in Percy's POV so at times Griffin is a little harder to know. Certainly in Threshold Percy is the hero. Griffin's fear of caves really lessens his opportunities for playing the rescuer so I'd like to see more of him in that role in future books. This author is really the benchmark in self-publishing in m/m romance. Her imagination and quality of writing and editing exceeds much of the published work I've read in this genre.