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Heart of Obsidian

Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh 4.25 stars. I guess you could call this Nalini Singh's opus. The way she has brought all the threads together from past stories, and the way she has taken a character who epitomises Silence and made him sexy and vulnerable, is very impressive. It's hard for authors to create a fresh story for a character that readers have been invested in for several years. Many very successful authors have failed at that. But this book has succeeded in living up to the hype. I loved Kaleb. He'd have to go down as one of the sexiest virgins in romance novel history! Sahara was an interesting heroine to pair him with. I don't think Singh could have chosen a better back story for their involvement. I wasn't swept away with their passion but I really enjoyed reading about their love.A few things brought my rating down. I was hoping Sahara's talent would provide more of a climactic ending than it did. Raining down a little more 'hellfire' on the villains so to speak. And her recovery from the 7 year captivity was too quick. Plus I was distracted once again by a little writing quirk of Singh's that really gets on my nerves. She breaks up dialogue sentences with longish periods of reflection on the part of the speaker. She does it a lot and, I don't know why because I'm sure other authors do it too, but it always pulls me out of the story. In fact Singh has such a distinctive style that I'm sure you could put a new book of hers in front of me and I would know who wrote it after the first chapter.The ending and the Fall of Silence was confusing. Does this mean that thousands/millions of weaker Psy are not going to survive it?? I would like to see what happens or that they will try to save/rehabilitate these victims who are basically being killed by Kaleb's actions. Maybe that will be in the next book which I'm assuming will be Vasic's.On the whole a compelling, romantic and well-plotted story.