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Afflicted - Brandon Shire Edit: 2/6/13. I tried to read this again because I loved this author's other book, [b:Cold|17829083|Cold (Cold, #1)|Brandon Shire|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1366292139s/17829083.jpg|24943126]. Unfortunately I had the same problems. Just couldn't deal with the writing or the actions of the characters which were often lacking in credibility. Original review:I stopped reading this maybe 30% in. The writing really put me off. I found it so over-written, like the author was trying too hard to impress with every sentence. Way too many metaphors. I might try to finish it later."Hunter had found the deep melancholy Frank had spoken of in his description on their way back to his apartment. It was in Frank's hands. All of it, right there in the slender wrinkles of his hands. The desperate resilience, the annoyed flamboyance, his personable passivity and his phobic aggressiveness, all trapped in the clever wrinkles of his fingers, the hard, unsociable cast of his knuckles, the safe hopelessness of the pads. Their touch had given Hunter a quiver, envious yet despairing, as if brutality had touched upon them and left behind a consciousness of their own potential."I'm getting a headache trying to make out what that even means?