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After Hours: (InterMix)

After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna I'm a bit speechless after reading this book... and a bit breathless too. It's an erotic romance with a lot of depth. Not usually two things you find together. But the claims in the author's bio are true.Erin is a new nurse starting work in a psychiatric hospital. She's spent her whole life caring for others, raising her younger sister, looking after her dying grandmother, being in control. Now she's finally got a real job and is learning to live for herself. At Larkhaven she is slowly settling into her new life, getting used to the patients, making friends with the staff, and trying not to stare at the powerful-looking orderly who watches over the patients and staff with quiet authority.Kelly! What a sexy, sexy man! That sex scene when Erin first stayed over at his house was heart-stoppingly good. A real working class guy whose need to dominate and protect was written in a way that just melted my ultra feminist heart. I loved the chemistry, the way they fought against being close, and the ending... which is really a beginning.What an excellent setting. The slightly creepy psychiatric hospital is a perfect foil to the development of the erotic romance. It gives the whole story a weird tension. It's the best writing of a hospital setting and staff that I've read in the romance genre. What a lot of writers don't get is that hospitals are already full of tension and drama. You don't need to make the characters OTT or have everything occurring on a dumb deathbed scene to make this setting interesting. This author totally gets that. These staff are business-like and professional yet you couldn't find two more absorbing characters than Erin and Kelly. The patients are realistic. The initial interview with secondary character Lee for example was really well done.Exciting to see this author has written a lot of stories. I hope a few of them are full-length novels like this one. Oh and thanks to Baba for her great review which put me on to this book. I'll be checking out your 'favourites' shelf now!