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Bound by Guilt

Bound By Guilt - Sandra Bard I loved the premise of this story. 22 year old Kit, who works in a clothes shop and augments his meagre income with the occasional sugar daddy, spots a perfect mark when older man Cory walks into his shop. Despite the fact that Cory is living with another young man who he cares for, Kit inveigles his way into Cory's company. He finally gets Cory to have sex with him when they are interrupted by Cory's partner, Sasha, who Kit is shocked to see is crippled and obviously dependant on Cory. Kit runs out but reads in the paper a couple of days later that Cory has killed himself. For the first time in his life he experiences feelings of guilt and responsibility. He can't stop thinking about the attractive but obviously unwell Sasha and he's bewildered by how worried he is. When his own funds dry up and his job is temporarily on hold Kit finds himself at Sasha's front door looking for shelter, even though the two despise each other. Their enmity and distrust very slowly turns to friendship, attraction and eventually self-realisation.Kit is such a complex character. He is uneducated, shallow and opportunistic but not a bad guy. He has had a bad childhood but this is never presented as an excuse for what he does. I actually liked him from the first page even though his actions were initially questionable. I could really feel his confusion about his reaction to the situation and to Sasha. It's like he was growing emotionally before my eyes. Sasha's condition and his past relationship with Cory is not really what it seems either, and the story of what happened to him completely drew me in from the first word to the last. Living in close quarters in Sasha's house forces the two men together and there is a very satisfying and sexy slow burn romance between them. Despite the serious storyline the book felt fairly light and easy to read although I wish it were longer. When the final conflict was resolved the pair reconcile without enough discussion for me. I still feel their feelings are new and very fragile. Nor am I convinced that they have ironed out their problems or even their prejudices. They are still lacking in trust and respect for each other. But it's a HEA (or HFN really). I would LOVE to read another book about them learning to live together. I can see so much opportunity for conflict and misunderstanding as they continue to grow and mature. I hope the author has more planned for these two wonderfully interesting guys. This is another very promising new author for 2013.