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The Company Man (Red Dragon)

The Company Man (Red Dragon) - Becky Black 3.5 stars. Moments of goodness and moments of average-ness in this solid space adventure. Firstly the cover. Unfortunately that cover model in the foreground has been used on many books now and I most associate it with a book that I didn't like. I think it's time to retire that guy from m/m romance modelling.What I really enjoyed about this was the plot. It has a great premise. An honourable ex-military spaceship captain is given a difficult job for his first time as captain of a merchant ship (the Red Dragon). Alyn Evans has to fly the Red Dragon back to Earth with the former captain and her first-officer as prisoners. He has to deal with the aftermath of their illegal dealings with pirates and their mistreatment of the now distrustful crew. At the same time he has to deal with the fact that he knows the newly appointed 'company man' from a one night stand the night before he embarked. So there's plenty of intrigue and tension and relationship dynamics to explore and the author does s a fairly good job of it.The relationship didn't grab me as much. I didn't feel any connection to Jarvez nor did I feel the attraction between him and Alyn. In the beginning there were several allusions to Jarvez's need to be dominated but that doesn't really go anywhere. Then at one point it looks like he's been drugged because he acts very out of character but again that fizzles out. Alyn is an ok hero but unfortunately the two of them were a bit bland. The sex scenes are all full-on anal sex and lack a softer sweeter side.I see that this is book one in the series and I'll probably keep going with this series because I love scifi. I just think the author could do some more work on making the action more gritty and bloodthirsty and making the heroes more vulnerable emotionally and giving them more back-story to help me invest in them.