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Sixteen Songs About Regret

Sixteen Songs About Regret - J.S. Cook Compelling and unhappy tale of rock star Simon Duckworth, his personal demons and his unrequited love for long-time lyricist Stephen Abednego. This story undoubtedly owes its premise to the famously successful relationship between Elton John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin which led to so many unforgettable songs. But the writing reminded me of the things I like and dislike about literary fiction - the stories are often gripping but the writing is abstruse and the endings unsatisfactory. There is a HEA - of sorts. But it's ephemeral and only occurs after too many other people are in and out of Simon and Stephen's lives, for it to be truly satisfying to a fan of romance novels. I liked Simon but more than that I felt horribly sorry for him. I wish Stephen could have manned-up earlier in his life. The late entrance of Piet's character completely ruined the impact of the HEA though.