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Until Forever Comes (The Mates Series)

Until Forever Comes - Cardeno C. Nothing much happens in this m/m shifter romance. It's all Mate, Mine, etc, etc. The cover is quite accurate except for the pants. Ethan (the smaller MC) doesn't wear them much even when he's perched naked on Miguel's front like a naughty koala. Even when there are other people in the room or Miguel is carrying out the activities of daily life, Ethan seems seems to spend a lot of time up there au naturel. I quite liked it in the beginning because that syrupy, needy [a:Cardeno C.|4620386|Cardeno C.|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1367647015p2/4620386.jpg] style is totally addictive, but it devolved into a [a:Lynn Hagen|4668238|Lynn Hagen|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1332548075p2/4668238.jpg] knock-off and I've never really liked those child-like little guys. Miguel's niece chatting away while the guys were doing it was a WTF moment as was the random epilogue. What was that all about?