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A Good Name for a Hero

A Good Name for a Hero - D.E. Elledge Kind of an odd book. It starts with Ty reporting ongoing hate mail and harassment to his cop friend, then it switches suddenly to Ty interviewing a new young crew member for his charter boat. The new crew member Cody is the son of a Baptist minister and in deep denial about his sexuality. The dynamic between Cody and Ty made me really uncomfortable. Cody was adamant that he didn't want a relationship with a man and that he was terrified of hurting his family who he loved deeply. That point was made quite strongly. Despite this Ty pushes him constantly, making up his mind that he will 'court' Cody until he comes around. Basically he won't take no for an answer. Instead of finding Ty attractive in that 'Alpha' romance way, I find him to be predatory (in a passive-aggressive way) and self-involved. Despite all the protestations I didn't feel that he had Cody's interests at heart. The book is in Ty's first person POV and is made up mostly of his unrelenting thoughts about wanting a relationship with Cody.There were no sex scenes in the story. I don't miss them if there is a good romance but here I guess I was looking for some physical intimacy to make up for the lack of emotional intimacy I felt between the two MC's. The mystery element was ok although the confessional rant by the bad guy in the penultimate scenes dragged on in a very moustache-twirling, cartoonish manner. So this one was a little underwhelming for me unfortunately.