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Cold: 1

Cold - Brandon Shire 4.5 stars. I was totally glued to the pages of this story to the point where several hours passed before I even looked up from the book. It's the gripping story of two prisoners, one due for freedom in 8 months and the other resolutely determined to stay on the inside. They are both at the end of their tether when a dangerous incident puts them at risk. The chapter headings counting down Anderson's last few months are really effective. When I got to Two Months I could feel my heart sinking to my boots and when I got to Last Days I could feel the anxiety kick in. The ending is a cliffhanger but I don't even care because this story was so interesting and involving. Can't wait till book 2 and I might go back and take a second look at this author's other books. I DNF'd one of them a year or so ago due to the over-flowery writing but here it's pared down and a pleasure to read.Oh and who knew prison sex could be so shatteringly perfect!