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Chase the Storm

Chase the Storm - V.M Waitt 19 year old city boy Elijah takes an impromptu road trip to escape parental expectations and the college life he didn't choose. In a remote part of Nebraska his truck breaks down and he takes a summer job on a farm to pay for repairs. There he meets the distant and lonely farm owner Chase who is nursing a broken heart.I became really caught up in the characters in this story. I loved Elijah's Holden-esque dislike of the society he comes from and the 'fake' people that populate it. His hero-worship and yearning for Chase are palpable on every page and his youth and inexperience made me nervous the whole time I was reading because it was obvious that he was too young and had too much promise for things to work out as they were. Great sex scenes too. Chase was a bit hot and cold at times. I wished on one occasion that Elijah had lost his temper a bit more with Chase's ambivalence. But that is just not the person Elijah is and I can understand that in his eyes Chase could do no wrong.Although I really liked the story I did have some uncertain feelings with the HEA. I was left wondering what Elijah would do with his music degree. Surely that would have to be part of his future somehow. I didn't see how that could happen on the farm. I wish the author had told me how that could work out because it just left a niggling doubt in my head as to their future lives. But it's a really enjoyable read and definitely a promising start for a newly published author.