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Brainy and the Beast

Brainy and the Beast - J.M. Cartwright Great family drama. In my opinion it's even better than [b:A Change of Tune|9758587|A Change of Tune (Change #1)|J.M. Cartwright|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1324503546s/9758587.jpg|14647902]. The writing feels more mature and the story is more consistent.All the characters are very appealing especially hardworking, clueless, yet loveable garage owner Nick. His life has changed a lot in the past year or so. He's taken over the garage from his elderly father, he's become a reluctant father to his 14 year old nephew, and he's become obsessed with the handsome, sexy and extremely brainy scientist whose car he's working on. It takes Nick a lot of time to work all these relationships out. He's not the most self-aware guy around. But he has a huge heart and it's an absolute pleasure reading his story!The relationship between rough and ready Nick and the buttoned-up genius Henry is very sexy. There's a mild D/s bent but their physical dynamic is a lot more complex and unpredictable than just that. Plenty of dirty talk which I love. The author gives plenty of time to Nick's relationship with his uncommunicative, resentful nephew, and his ailing father too. It's a much better portrayal of family than you usually get in an m/m romance.I would recommend this story to everyone! ♥♥♥