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Every Move He Makes

Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg Fabulous romantic suspense novel. This novel has everything I love in romance, oodles of chemistry between the MC's, sizzling sex scenes, great plot, humour and it's even a full length novel. I was concerned at first because this author writes predominantly m/f romance and often these authors - when they dabble in m/m - write one male character who acts like a heroine with a male name. But this author writes m/m relationships with confidence and panache and I was left in no doubt that this was a story about two complex, courageous and gorgeous MEN! The author uses all the tropes of romance but within them doesn't always choose the obvious path for her characters. Zak is the son of a wealthy Russian businessman. He is a famous violinist in his own right. But his life begins to unravel into drugs and alcohol after the death of his mother. His father employs a bodyguard but unbeknownst to both of them the bodyguard, Logan, is actually an MI6 agent who is investigating Zak's father's connections to a Russian mobster. Logan has a sad backstory as well which plays out well alongside the spy/thriller plot. The snappy dialogue between Logan and Zak, initially antagonistic, then bickering, then flirting, then intense, is excellent. Zak has a devil-may-care attitude and is full of clever comebacks which both annoys and attracts the buttoned-up, dont-believe-in-love Logan. Many times in the book Logan was fighting back laughter at one of Zak's quick lines and I was laughing right along with him. I loved this book and highly recommend it to m/m fans. It will be going straight to the top of the reread shelf.