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Soul Magic (Triad)

Soul Magic (Triad, #3) - Poppy Dennison 3.5 stars for the overall story arc and Gray and Simon. 3 stars for Cormac and Liam. So this was a semi-satisfying ending to a fun and interesting paranormal thriller trilogy. The MC's of this novel, Cormac and Liam, seem an odd couple. I didn't really see the attraction. At one point Liam wonders why Cormac has such a changed appearance from the previous two books (from tweeds and elbow patches to hot twink club gear) and so did I. I get that he needed to attract men in the clubs to cater for his increased blood needs but he also seemed to undergo a complete personality transplant as well. Cormac was established as an old fuddy-duddy in the previous two novels and his sudden metamorphosis into 'Daddy-bait' was jarring. The couple featured heavily in the first half of the novel but were almost forgotten in the second half.:(In terms of the plot, we discover who is behind all the killings and kidnappings and how the pack defeat him, but the world building is only just adequate and the villain's demise comes about through an unsatisfying deus ex machina.The strongest part of the book (and indeed throughout the series) was the relationship between Simon and Gray and the kids. That's what had me smiling and interested the whole time. Another positive is the this author can really write rousing sex scenes. Even though I wasn't that engaged with the MC's I could still appreciate their sexy times. So not as great as I was hoping, but not all bad either.