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Master of Ghouls (SPECTR)

Master of Ghouls - Jordan L. Hawk (One star off because it's a short story and I WANT MORE! lol) See my review for book 1. Caleb is now working for SPECTR with John. They are sent to hunt a master of ghouls who is kidnapping young men and women in the city. The enigmatic Kaminyar (John's boss at SPECTR) sends John's co-workers (and his friends since childhood) Sean and Tiffany along to help. But someone has sold out to the bad guys. Is it Kaminyar, Sean, Tiffany??? This is an ongoing story arc that is not resolved in book 2 and I'm gagging to find out what happens in book 3. Caleb's powers continue to grow and he seems to be getting more control over Gray. Or is he just losing himself to the entity? I'm loving Gray. He's actually a really noble soul and I don't want him exorcised or killed either. John only has 40 days to exorcise Gray or SPECTR will destroy Caleb and to make things worse their relationship seems to be falling apart. Aaargh!! Cliffies!!! Can't wait till June!