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Hunter of Demons (SPECTR)

Hunter of Demons - Jordan L. Hawk Hey why didn't I read this before? I think it must have been the suggestion of a three-way in the blurb. But it's not at all. Gray (the monster in Caleb's head) is more like the 'wolf' that m/m shifters talk about, except a lot more powerful. But I should start at the beginning.Caleb is an artist and an unregistered mal (a human with paranormal powers). His brother was killed and now a demon inhabits his dead body. Caleb pushes aside his fears and joins his sister-in-law Melanie and her violent friends to find Ben's body, exorcise the demon, and put Ben to rest. But everything goes horribly wrong and Caleb ends up with an extremely powerful entity called Gray inside his head. Melanie and her friends run off and sexy agent John Starkweather from SPECTR (a paranormal containment agency) turns up to try and exorcise the entity from Caleb. This doesn't succeed and John is assigned to take care of Caleb while his boss searches for leaks in their agency. This is thrilling stuff. I want to say it's visually exciting but of course it's just words on a page. But it's written so well that I felt caught up in the action and could see everything that was going on. The paranormal world the author has created is violent, multi-layered and very mysterious. I have so many questions at the end and I'm hoping this series continues for a while. There is so much more I want to know about Caleb. He is a really great character. Possessed and powerful, and yet vulnerable and searching for a way back to his old life. I love his readiness to believe in Gray and the struggle he has to control his possessor. And of course the sexy John Starkweather is a great foil. An honourable agent who believes in his employer SPECTR but is that belief really justified?? He is attracted to Caleb straight away and goes out on a limb for him time and time again.Obviously I loved this story and I would highly recommend it to fans of this genre. It's as good as any mainstream m/f urban fantasy. I think [a:Jordan L. Hawk|6519692|Jordan L. Hawk|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1346781198p2/6519692.jpg] is one of the best self-published authors out there. On to book 2...