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Paid Leave

Paid Leave - Hayley B. James 3.25 stars. Unusual story about a closeted cop, Gabe, who is going through an inquiry after he kills someone in the course of duty. Added to the stress is the attitude of the local press who are making out the local cops to be irresponsible killers. When he's on leave he meets a cafe owner, Neal, who shows him how free it feels to be out in the open.I liked Gabe but he was a dour person. Hard to get to know and really love as a character. What worked for me in this story was Neal and his friend Kyle. Their openness and love of life was really refreshing when contrasted to the intense heavy pressure surrounding Gabe. Gabe's coming out was well handled, as were the reactions of his colleagues. There is a sense of realism in the story. For some reason I really thought this was written by a male author.What didn't work so well was the character of Clark, a reporter with whom Gabe initially has a brief fling and who keeps cropping up in Gabe's life despite the terrible articles he is writing about Gabe's case. Frankly He was weird and I couldn't understand why Gabe was with him nor why he even interacted with him afterwards. He was the villain of the book... and yet... he wasn't. It was just a dissatisfying plot thread. I would certainly be interested in reading more by this author. Especially a book about Kyle.