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Spirit Sanguine

Spirit Sanguine  - Lou Harper 4.5 stars. Excellent paranormal mystery romance. This book is structured similarly to Megan Derr's [b:Dance with the Devil|11566521|Dance with the Devil (Dance with the Devil, #1)|Megan Derr|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1307447062s/11566521.jpg|18448707] in that the romance arc develops over the entire book but there are about 4 or 5 individual mysteries for Gabe and Harvey to solve as the novel progresses. I find this style works really well for me and also for the mystery romance genre in general. Gabe is a misguided vampire slayer who has recently returned to the US from Hungary. He came into slaying late in life after the death of his parents and is fairly naive about vampires in general. Certainly he knows nothing about how they live in America. When he first feels vampire Harvey Feng in a bar in Chicago he tries to kill him, but his murderous impulses disappear with each thwarted attempt on Harvey's life. Eventually he starts to feel intrigued and attracted to the vampire and the unusual bond between them grows every day.Harvey is really sweet and even cute. In fact both of the characters are more sweet than I'm used to seeing from this author. The mysteries are all really well crafted. Although in the final one I was looking for more of a climactic ending with more violence and the chance for Gabe to rescue Harvey. But it wasn't quite as bloodthirsty as I wanted. Still very good though and the guys make a great sleuthing team. I liked all the secondary characters, especially twink Dill and his two silver foxes, 'Deadman' Denton, and the enigmatic vampire boss of Chicago. I could read a lot more about these characters and I think fans of mystery romance and paranormal romance (and certainly any fans of [b:Dance with the Devil|11566521|Dance with the Devil (Dance with the Devil, #1)|Megan Derr|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1307447062s/11566521.jpg|18448707]) will really enjoy this book.