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The Unforgiving Minute

The Unforgiving Minute - Sarah Granger 3.75 stars. Solid romance with a very interesting sports setting. The romance between newbie Ryan and high ranking player Josh is nice. It didn't blow me away but it was still good and Ryan and Josh are quite appealing. Particularly the goofy, heart-on-his-sleeve, crowd favourite Josh. They are very different people. Josh's father - a former pro player who never quite made it to the top - is quite controlling and Josh has been groomed for pro tennis since childhood. Ryan on the other hand just has a natural talent much to the bemusement of his hippie parents who rarely attend the games. So he has a healthier outlook than Josh. The two of them are actually very good for each other in this respect. I was glad to see that Josh's father was not turned into the villain. He is, in fact, a satisfyingly 3 dimensional character. The character causing the conflict is fellow tennis player Mitch. I thought his role was foreshadowed too strongly and the outcome was so obvious that this part of the story was lacking in suspense and intrigue. What really stood out for me was the authentic backdrop of the Australian Open, The Davis Cup, and of course, the big climax on the centre court at Wimbledon. This was well balanced and well thought out. I enjoyed who ended up facing each other in the final match. I'm not a big tennis fan and I don't think you need to be to enjoy this story.