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Racing for the Sun

Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane Sergeant 'Ace' Atchison feels an instant protectiveness and attraction to Private Sonny Daye from the minute they first meet. This only grows more intense during their tour of duty and afterwards as they work towards their humble dreams of racing cars and running a garage. Along the way they take in a few needy waifs and strays. I'm wondering where to put this on the Amy Lane 'Angstmeter':I think 'Hurts a little more' is about right. There's lots of sad backstory to Sonny's life but it's kept off page for the most part. The thing that I found the most poignant was Ace's story about his brother Jake. That was so sad. What I really like about the story was the intense obsessive love Ace and Sonny have for one another. Frankly, it's unhealthily co-dependant and fuelled by insecurity and jealousy. But it's HOT and a great romantic fantasy. I also like the bloodthirsty ending. That uncompromising ending really made the book for me. Don't worry there is a HEA.