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There Are No Gays in Football

There Are No Gays in Football - Malu_3 (Grainne) This story is very romantic. The guys get together fairly early on and their love is palpable on every page. Arthur is closeted and a rising star for Camelot Football Club (Go CFC!!! - I really got into the games, lol). He is very eager to learn about being gay and is smitten with Emrys (Merlin) as soon as he sees him. There's not a huge amount of angst. Most of it is about Arthur and Em's growing closeness, their physical relationship which leans slightly to D/s (in a very sexy way - if you don't like BDSM you will still like this), and Arthur's journey towards coming out.I love all the guys in the team. They are hilarious and just what you would expect from a British football club. Em's friends are less well drawn. I got them confused from time to time. The book is quite long and it started to drag a little in the last 20% while I was waiting for the big come out scene. But it's really easy to read. Even if you're one of those readers who only like American English I think you will still like this book because the Britishness is toned down a fair bit.If you haven't tried fanfic before you should give this a go. Especially if you like longer stories.