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Feral Passion (Children Of Shairobi, #3)

Feral Passion (Children Of Shairobi, #3) - Lupa Garneau 3.5 stars. The series is getting more complex as it progresses. The main story between hawk shifter Sabah and bear shifter Butch is full of angst as Sabah's emotional demons prevent him from accepting his mate. There are two other subplots. Cole is keeping his frightening new powers secret from his mate Nexhan which causes a sad schism in their relationship. And the enigmatic Storm is kept busy with a mysterious and dangerous intruder to the Rune Fang's home.I liked the intertwining stories but there was no resolution at all to the two subplots. Sabah and Butch were interesting but they were not my favourite couple out of the series. The mild BDSM scenes were really well done and that's saying something because BDSM is probably my least favourite theme. I was reminded at times of Sherrilyn Kenyon's heroes when I was reading. They have that similar millennia-old, tortured, self-loathing, unable to communicate vibe. I find the lack of communication trope a little annoying at times and it was overworked here. There are quite a few typos. Not enough to annoy me but enough to notice. Overall though the storytelling and richness of the world-building is very good. I find this series to be a kind of hybrid between a shifter romance and a fantasy novel. These books should be read in order.