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The General and the Horse-Lord

The General and the Horse-Lord - Sarah Black Beautiful romance between two ex-military men who have hidden their love all their lives. Now that they are civilians and DADT is repealed they start to wonder if they could really be together. This story straddles the line between m/m romance and gay fiction in the realistic way it examines John and Gabriel's dilemma and also the ramifications for their families and their reputations. There's an interesting side plot about a college professor abusing students and the way it affects all the characters is a good test for the newly committed couple. John and Gabriel are so wonderful together. Such strong honourable men, always trying to do the right thing and providing a steady anchor to everyone around them.John's son Kim injected a lot of colour and humour into a story that would not have been as good without him and I really appreciated the way Gabriel's ex-wife was portrayed. She was neither saint nor sinner and her believable reaction to the situation was treated with understanding. I always love it when the author introduces a seemingly unrelated element at the beginning of a story and revisits it again at the end in a way that ties everything together. I got that feeling with Abdullah. Maybe we will see more with him and Kim in a later book...?* I forgot how good Superfreak is. I had to download it as soon as I finished reading! Great dance song. I could just see those two buttoned-up ex-military guys getting their freak on! lol