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Twin Effect

Twin Effect - Ann Somerville 3.5 stars. Interesting, mysterious and slightly sad story. I'm always impressed with the research evident in any of this author's stories. Her settings and plots always feel authentic. In this book Dylan, an engineering lecturer newly arrived in town, meets a friendly young man (Max) at the local bar. At the same time as the attraction grows their meetings become more and more strange. Especially when Dylan meets Max's twin brother Toby who angrily tells Dylan that he doesn't have a brother.My reactions to the plot changed a lot through the course of the story. The romance part is only small and even at one point felt like it didn't sit well. Especially right at the end. It suddenly became jolly and sort of kinky when for the most part of the story I had been feeling intrigued and/or sad. What I did like was how the individual examples of loss - Dylan's son, his hand, Max's brother - all reflected each other in a satisfying way. I think this book would suit fans of this author's work.