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Wolf with Benefits (Pride Stories Series #8)

Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston This shifter series is crazy fun. The author not only incorporates the animal characteristics perfectly into her shifters, she also imbues them with the best and the worst traits of the town/state they come from. Of all the books I've read by American authors, these make me want to go there and hang out with the locals.The romance in WWB is between big sister and family manager Toni, and the very laid back Smithtown wolf Ricky Lee Reed. *Sigh* Those Reed brothers are ALL THAT and MORE! Ricky Lee is so relaxed he's almost boneless. A perfect foil for the stressed out Toni who has to look after her large family of anti-social, trouble-making prodigies. Don't read this book if you haven't read at least some of the previous novels. There are way too many past characters mentioned in the story. Even though it was nice to see them it was really unnecessary to have absolutely EVERY past character mentioned. I would actually love to see a new series with unknown shifters in a new setting to inject some freshness into the author's writing because I feel she is cluttering up the storyline and making it hard for readers to follow.If you wanted a taste of this author's work her novella 'Miss Congeniality' in the Anthology [b:When He Was Bad|2431123|When He Was Bad (Magnus Pack, #3.5)|Shelly Laurenston|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348658643s/2431123.jpg|2438311] is an excellent introduction.