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Something in the Way He Needs (Family Series)

Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1) - Cardeno C. 3.75 stars. One of Cardeno C's better novels. I was totally along for the ride with these characters. I liked the possessive, domineering Ash and the secretive beautiful Daniel. Ash's previous life as a heartless Dom just disappears as his love and need to care for for Daniel grows. His confusion at this change was totally believable. Even though Ash is heavily involved in the BDSM lifestyle at the beginning of the novel, this is not a BDSM story. There is only one light spanking scene. However it has loads of very dominant hot sex. I love dirty talk in my sex scenes and there is plenty of that in here. While I like possessive, jealous MC's I felt uncomfortable with the final scenes just before the HEA. I'm not sure if I believe that Asher's jealous streak is under control or that Daniel should have forgiven him. But I accepted it because I enjoyed the rest of the novel so much. Scenes where guys 'play house' and the reader gets to follow their journey living and creating a home together are always a winner for me. One other reviewer mentioned that Daniel is a 'Jory'-like character which on reflection is true because he is overly talented. But I didn't really pick up on that at the time of reading.This is one of those books where the doings of the characters will be what readers rate, not the writing itself (which I felt was good). I think Ash's actions will polarize fans. I'm looking forward to the rest of the books in this series. I'm wondering what the story is with Ash's friend Oliver? And Dot's band members and his friend Chase would be interesting to follow up too.