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Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11)

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian Book 11 in this bestselling PNR series takes the story in a new direction by moving the action 20 years into the future and concentrating on the children of the original Breed warriors.From the beginning I felt like I was being bashed over the head with the fact that this is 'The Start Of A New Series'. Every new young character was introduced with a paragraph of information to set them up as interesting MC's for future novels. I would have preferred to get to know these people through their dialogue and actions but no, apparently I (as the reader) am too stupid to be trusted with that. In addition every old couple wandered into the story at some point, there would be a brief meaningful conversation or interaction that reminded the reader of that couple's romance, then they would wander back out of the story, never to be seen again. It was so useless and annoying.I probably shouldn't have read this book because the premise is not one that I enjoy. Mira is a supposed to be a tough chick - human - but with a special power to show the future to anyone who looks into her unguarded eyes. Ten years earlier her lover and lifelong friend died in an explosion. But surprise, surprise, he turns up one day as the leader of an amusingly ineffective rebel group. Mira, in a sudden (but predictable) display of doormat-itis, is making out with him in the space of 12 hours. Not so tough after all hey Mira! This lack of any real consequences for his cravenly deception is hard for me to bear but I struggled on for the next few chapters until we found out why Kellen decided to leave. Apparently he saw in Mira's eyes that he would be arrested and sentenced to death for treason and conspiracy against the Breed Order and he didn't want to put Mira through that. So what does he do? He fakes his own death, joins a rebel group, and starts masterminding activities of treason and conspiracy! What an idiot. So I stopped reading at that point.Even though this story was not for me I will probably try one or two more to see if things pick up for the next generation of Breed warriors. But it's not looking good so far.