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You Can Still See The Stars In Seattle

You Can Still See The Stars In Seattle - Kade Boehme That was really weird. This story is all over the place. The first chapter is a sad funeral scene for the hero's lover who killed himself after the hero, Andy, said someone else's name during sex. (At least I think he killed himself. The thoughts of these characters were hard to follow.) In the next scene Andy has inexplicably moved in with the guy whose name he called out and proceeds to stare at his ass every second sentence, even staring into his bedroom as the other guy undresses for a shower. It just felt really creepy after the sad tone of the previous chapter. I actually had problems following the dialogue and I found the actions of the characters bewildering. The first sex scene happens when the two heroes are drunk. Neither of them can remember anything about it, but Andy sees a used condom and his ass is sore so he realises they did the deed. It was bizarre to have the first big sex scene such a non event, especially when there were big questions about the straight vs gay status of one of the MC's. Then they didn't talk about it even though they work and live together. The whole story was just a series of ridiculous unbelievable events and reading it was an unpleasant experience.