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Blade Song (Colbana Files)

Blade Song - J.C. Daniels 2.5 stars. I picked this up because of the reviews comparing it to the Kate Daniels series. In fact it's a very pale imitation. (Almost a rip-off in fact.) There is little world building, minimal action scenes, the villains were unconvincing and the major one was killed off-page in one of the anti-climactic endings I've read in a while. The first half of the novel is overwhelmed by the heroines constant, repetitive, angry, defensive inner monologue and her memories of her abusive grandmother. If you took that out the book would be two thirds shorter. I was astonished when Damon and Kit bonded so suddenly. They were still hating each other last time I looked. It seemed more like something to do to keep Kit safe from the vampire rather than out of love or passion. Damon calls Kit 'baby-girl all the time. She is so not a 'baby-girl' character and it sounded really off.I was really disappointed in this because I was expecting more after the reviews I read. But if you read this book with no expectations you might find it an ok light UF. I won't be buying the sequel.