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Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold - Hollis Shiloh 2.5 stars. An m/m fantasy romance with some moments of sweetness but plagued with pacing problems. This story started off well with dragon-slayer Kale defeating a huge dragon and cutting out its heart of gold. He only needs one more heart to buy his freedom. By chance he meets his childhood friend Hollin, who was banished from the dragon-slayer academy when he was discovered to have developed magic, which is forbidden. Even though the young men had been lovers Kane did nothing to stop Hollin's banishment, something that Kale has deeply regretted since. The story falls down quickly when at around 15% Kale and Hollin have several sex scenes and exchange ILY's without any real exploration of what Kale did. The graphic sexual relationship so early in the piece really took the suspense out of the story. The whole story lacks depth and imagination. The rest of the book rushes through the men's struggle to be together but there are lots of things left out and a really strange epilogue that hints at a sequel. I won't be buying it.