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A Shadow of Wings

A Shadow of Wings - Linda Gayle Yet another entertaining and unique m/m shifter romance this year. These authors are on fire! I wasn't going to read this book because... you know... Cockatrice shifter?? I was picturing some twee Siren publishing erotica story about a parrot but it's nothing like that at all. This is about struggling ex-addict Dylan and the mysterious and innocent young man that saves his life one night. The characterisation of these two guys is beautiful. I could feel their youth and vulnerability and I was caught up in the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that faced their love.The paranormal element is intriguing and dark although the ending did verge on bizarre Mpreg anyone?. But the author was able to keep control of the more fantastical elements and I remained believing and engrossed throughout. The ending did feel a little rushed. I think the ramifications for the Church and other Trices was too off-page for me to feel that whole situation is resolved although perhaps (hopefully!) there will be more stories in this 'verse.I have to praise the progress of the love affair and the sex scenes in this book. The whole relationship between Dylan and Cam is thick with passion and sensuality. I noticed that this author has co-authored a book with author [a:Summer Devon|292746|Summer Devon|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1302153592p2/292746.jpg] who released the fab [b:Taming the Bander|16248948|Taming the Bander|Summer Devon|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1354742002s/16248948.jpg|22287357] this year. That must be a fun writing group to belong to. They are so imaginative. [b:A Shadow of Wings|17383302|A Shadow of Wings|Linda Gayle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1361198232s/17383302.jpg|24178598] is a great example of the continued exciting new stories coming from the self publishing arena. It's a good length (3625 locations on my kindle) and amazing value at $2.99.