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The Pawn (Against the Odds)

The Pawn - Kate Sherwood 3.75 stars. I was pretty much glued to this story from the beginning. Living in an oppressive dystopian regime is prostitute, Remy, who signed his life away unknowingly at age 9. His past is tragic and his present is not much better until he is sent to seduce an honourable landowner Adam. Adam's beliefs and his respect for Remy bring him back to life again with both hopeful and tragic results. The author's done a great job of portraying Remy, his initial detachment, his gradual realisation of what life could be, and his almost suicidal determination to make his life mean something. Knowing nothing but sexual abuse from a young age has left Remy incapable of real lust and love and his awakening at the end of the story is only just beginning. There isn't any sex in this volume but I see that book 2 is coming out in April and I imagine that this will be about Remy falling in 'real' love with Challoner. Challoner was a much less vivid character. We only get to see him through Remy's eyes and he seemed too innocent and inexperienced to be leading the revolution. The actual coup occurs off-page and for that reason the toppling of the evil regime felt too easy.I'm hoping that book 2 will really flesh out Challoner's character and make me believe in him as a leader and as Remy's true love.