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The Wolf Beneath the City

The Wolf Beneath the City - Cally Sharp 3.5 stars. Intriguing urban fantasy tale with appealing MC's. Mason, an enhanced 'diver' saves Adam from a pack of young werewolves but he isn't prepared for the way Adam gets under his skin or the dangerous path the two men are set on.Such a shame this book wasn't longer. It had glimpses of an interesting UF world, Mason's diving under the city, enhanced vs wolfen humans, and sinister coorporations. The section of the book where the two men go underground is excellent. Mason and Adam have good chemistry but I found the ILY's came way too early. The book - in particular the ending - was just too rushed. It felt like interesting ideas and plot directions were introduced only to fizzle out unsatisfyingly. And I really needed some background to this world. How did it become that way? Why was there a ruined city underground? At $7.99, just 184 pages (according to Amazon), and a self-published release from a first time author, I don't think it was worth the price I paid.