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Nick of Time (Romentics #3)

Nick of Time (Romentics #3) - Scott D. Pomfret Doing some re-reading. I forgot how good these Romentics Series novels were. First published in 2004 and re-released by Loose ID in 2009, they are some of the earliest m/m romance novels as we know them now. Written by two guys (or at least they have male names) they are slow burn love stories, very sensual, concentrating on characterization and the MC's emotional growth towards a HEA. [b:Nick of Time|1196673|Nick of Time (Romentics #3)|Scott D. Pomfret|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358755209s/1196673.jpg|1184759] is about ex-dancer and devoted city boy Brent who comes home for his sister's wedding and spies the man of his dreams at the reception. Unfortunately Nick is closeted for more than the usual reasons and engaged to be married to a good friend, a mother of three small children who is depending on him to get her a green card. The sexual tension between the two MC's is palpable. Brent spends a lot of time gazing, daydreaming, teasing and leering at Nick, all the while resentful of the strong hold Nick has over him and reflecting on his own future. Nick is engaged through most of the book which won't be acceptable for some readers. Even so, he comes across as a man of honour. A bad history with a past lover has made him believe that a stable home life with a dependable woman is what he needs. But from the time he first meets Brent he struggles with his promises to his fiancée and his belief that Brent - like all gay men - must be unreliable and fickle. Nick's relationship with his fiancée is nicely done without adding too much of an m/f subplot to the story. There are definitely no m/f scenes. Nick's artisan skills as a stonemason are used to very good effect as an allegory for the men's search for a strong and lasting relationship. I would recommend this books for fans of slow burn romance and good looking guys doing LOTS of soul searching.