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Spiretown - Lia Black Interesting story with a dark urban fantasy-type setting. Collin is a Commander with the Templars, a group who police Mages, dangerous magic users who become psychotic killers when taken over by a demon. During one raid on Spiretown, the ghetto where mages are imprisoned, Collin is rescued from certain death by the enigmatic and very powerful mage, Logan Grey. The two men come to understand each other and an attraction forms when Collin is subsequently forced to take Logan under his protection.Although the story held my attention I wasn't really invested in the MC's. The relationship between the two men is a kind of lite D/s. I didn't get the Yaoi connection mentioned in the blurb apart from the fact that Collin is bigger and Logan more androgynous looking. It's GFY but it was not 100% convincing because Collin did mention on several occasions about his love and regret for his previous female partner. The story is told in Colin's 3rd person POV but there are a few sudden but brief switches to Logan's and Collin's mother's POV which felt out of place. I thought this book was self-published because it does have a slightly rough feel but apparently it's published by Vinedark Publishing which I'm not familiar with.