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Lion Hearted ( The Divination Falls Trilogy)

Lion Hearted ( The Divination Falls Trilogy) - Sommer Marsden 3.5 stars. Slightly above average example of the m/m shifter erotica genre. Ostracised pack enforcer and grumpy lion shifter Tryg, falls quick and fast for human empath Luke who he meets in a bar. He takes him along on a quest to retrieve a teenage shifter who has been kidnapped.The plot is very light but serves to move the characters from point A to point B. There are heaps of sex scenes but luckily the author writes them well and amps up the chemistry between Tryg and Luke, although I did start skimming them towards the end. The book ends with Luke and Tryg moving to a new town which is a magical haven for non-humans. I always like series which revolve around characters in a quirky town so I'd be tempted to pick up the next one in this series although I think the couples will be a mix of m/f and m/m.