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Line and Orbit

Line and Orbit - Sunny Moraine, Lisa Soem Amazingly good scifi/fantasy novel with a strong m/m romance sub-plot. This is the story of Adam, an engineer and a rising star in the ranks of the Terran Protectorate, a central authority whose citizens are bred and enhanced to perfection. On the cusp of his greatest achievement a defect is found during a medical checkup and he is stripped of his goods and cast out of his society to die alone. Desperate and near death he steals money from the Protectorate and just as they catch up to him he is rescued by one of the Bideshi, a nomadic space-faring race, who spurn the enhancements used by the Terrans and whose lives revolve around their massive, ark-like Homeships.We follow Adam as he is taken in by the spiritual and passionate Bideshi and becomes one of them. Adam's illness is just the tip of a dangerous cover-up by the Terran Protectorate, and it's one that the Terrans will wipe out all the Bideshi to hide. The plot is excellent. The Terrans chase the Bideshi Homeships across galaxies and the fight scenes both in space and on the ground are satisfyingly intense. The secondary characters, Ixchel, Adisa, Kae and Leila, plus the Terrans who are hunting for Adam are all interesting and engaging. The romance between Adam and Lochlan is very slow burn. In fact for a long while Lochlan seems nothing but angry at Adam for the danger he has put them all in. But even though Lochlan is angry with him he still can't stay away from Adam and he reluctantly comes to admire and care for him. There are a couple of short sex scenes towards the end of the novel although they are more descriptive rather than graphic, which is totally in keeping with the type of novel that this is. At times Lochlan's ire made me angry with him and defensive of Adam but finally they got things right. I think this novel is a brilliant example of the rich diversity of stories that the m/m genre brings to readers. It's a must read for Scifi fans! Probably the best m/m scifi I've read.